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 JauntIQ.com lists a series of future travel sites designed to provide optimal information to the intelligent traveler, hence most sites will end in the abbreviaton IQ.

 Unlike the foreign sites, the domestic sites listed below will also be optimized for local interests such as jobs, real estate, and business listings.

 Each site below will be independent but link with JauntIQ.com so that the consumer can be exposed to multiple dotcom travel brands thereby increasing the chance for the forms of monetization that will be associated with these sites.

 The following domains are listed in subsections that are each alphabetized for easy reference.

All Countries

Afrrica.com - This site will profile all countries in Africa for travel purposes. The dual letter R in this brand will stand for rest and relaxation.

BeachIQ.com - This site will profile every major beach in the world.

BeverlyHillz.com - Unlike BeverlyHillsIQ.com (focus on Beverly Hills) this site will focus on all global travel destinations of the famous and rich.

Citycation.com - This dotcom brand fuses the terms city and vacation to form Citycation. This site will profile all the major cities of the world for travel purposes.

Countriez.com - This site will profile all the countries in the world for travel purposes. The layout and content for this site will be different from both WanderIQ.com and Countrybot.com.

Countrybot.com - This character driven site will profile all the cities and countries of the world for travel purposes.

DroneReel.com - This site will profile travel and real estate videos that were shot by drones.

Eurrope.com - This site will profile all countries in Europe for travel purposes. The dual letter R will be highlighted and stand for rest and relaxation.

ExcursionIQ.com - A global travel site.

MuseumIQ.com - This site will profile every known museum in the world.

Orrient.com - This site will profile all countries in the Orient for travel purposes. The dual letter R will be highlighted in this brand and it shall stand for rest and relaxation.

SafariSherpa.com - The Safari Sherpa will guide you to the best wildlife safaris Africa has to offer.

WanderIQ.com - Wander IQ. This site will profile almost every city and country in the world for travel purposes.

Worldcation.com - This global travel site that will profile all countries in the world for travel purposes.
World2R.com - This site will profile all the countries and major cities of the world for travel purposes. World 2R is of course a play on the term world tour.


CapeTownIQ.com - Cape Town IQ

EgyptIQ.com - Egypt IQ

MoroccoIQ.com- Morocco IQ

SeychellesIQ.com - Seychelles IQ


AlabamaIQ.com- Alabama IQ

AlaskaIQ.com- Alaska IQ

AtlantaIQ.com - Atlanta IQ

AustinIQ.com- Austin IQ

BeverlyHillsIQ.com - Beverly Hills IQ

BoiseIQ.com - Boise IQ

BransonIQ.com- Branson IQ

CharlotteIQ.com - Charlotte IQ

ColumbusIQ.com - Columbus IQ

ConnecticutIQ.com - ConnecticutIQ.com

DallasIQ.com - Dallas IQ

DenverIQ.com - Denver IQ

DetroitIQ.com - Detroit IQ

ElPasoIQ.com - El Paso IQ

FloridaIQ.com - Florida IQ

GeorgiaIQ.com - Georgia IQ

GreatStateOfTexas.com - "The Great State of Texas" is a common way of describing Texas by the local population residing in that very large state.

HonoluluIQ.com - Honolulu IQ

IllinoisIQ.com - Illinois IQ

IndianapolisIQ.com - Indianapolis IQ

IowaIQ.com - Iowa IQ

KansasCityIQ.com - Kansas City IQ

KentuckyIQ.com - Kentucky IQ

LaceVegas.com - (female character) will be your guide to Sin City on this dotcom travel brand.

LexingtonIQ.com - Lexington IQ

LosAngelesIQ.com - Los Angeles IQ

LouisianaIQ.com - Louisiana IQ

MaineIQ.com - Maine IQ

ManhattanIQ.com - Manhattan IQ

MarylandIQ.com - Maryland IQ

MassachusettsIQ.com - Massachusetts IQ

MemphisIQ.com - Memphis IQ

MilwaukeeIQ.com - Milwaukee IQ

MinneapolisIQ.com - Minneapolis IQ

MontanaIQ.com - Montana IQ

NashvilleIQ.com - Nashville IQ

NebraskaIQ.com - Nebraska IQ

NevadaIQ.com - NevadaIQ.com

NewHampshireIQ.com - New Hampshire IQ

NewJerseyIQ.com - New Jersey IQ

NewMexicoIQ.com - New Mexico IQ

NewYorkIQ.com - New York IQ

NorthCarolinaIQ.com - North Carolina IQ

OklahomaIQ.com - Oklahoma IQ

OrangeKounty.com - The OC is really OK in this dotcom brand. This site will profile all cities within Orange County, California for both travel and local interests.

OregonIQ.com - Oregon IQ

OrlandoIQ.com - Orlando IQ

PhilidelphiaIQ.com - Philidelphia IQ

PhoenixIQ.com - Phoenix IQ

PittsburghIQ.com - Pittsburgh IQ

PortlandIQ.com - Portland IQ

SaltLakeIQ.com - Salt Lake IQ

SanAntonioIQ.com - San Antonio IQ

SanDiegoIQ.com - San Diego IQ

SanFranciscoIQ.com - San Francisco IQ

SanJoseIQ.com - San Jose IQ

ScottsdaleIQ.com - Scottsdale IQ

SeattleIQ.com - Seattle IQ

SouthCarolinaIQ.com - South Carolina IQ

TennesseeIQ.com - Tennessee IQ

UnitedStatesIQ.com - United States IQ. This large site will profile all 50 states for travel purposes.

VermontIQ.com - Vermont IQ

VirginiaIQ.com - Virginia IQ

WyomingIQ.com - Wyoming IQ


BahrainIQ.com - Bahrain IQ

BangkokIQ.com - Bangkok IQ

BeijingIQ.com - Beijing IQ

BorneoIQ.com - Borneo IQ

BurmaIQ.com - Burma IQ

CambodiaIQ.com - Cambodia IQ

DubaiIQ.com - Dubai IQ

HongKongIQ.com - Hong Kong IQ

IndonesiaIQ.com - Indonesia IQ

IsraelIQ.com - Israel IQ

IstanbulIQ.com - Istanbul IQ

JapanIQ.com - Japan IQ

JerusalemIQ.com - Jerusalem IQ

KoreaIQ.com - Korea IQ

MacauIQ.com - Macau IQ

MaldivesIQ.com - Maldives IQ

PhilippinesIQ.com - Philippines IQ

QatarIQ.com - Qatar IQ

SeoulIQ.com - Seoul IQ

ShanghaiIQ.com - Shanghai IQ

TaiwanIQ.com - Taiwan IQ

ThailandIQ.com - Thailand IQ

TibetIQ.com - Tibet IQ

TokyoIQ.com - Tokyo IQ

TurkeyIQ.com - Turkey IQ

VietnamIQ.com - Vietnam IQ

Australia and New Zealand

AucklandIQ.com - Auckland IQ

AustraliaIQ.com - Australia IQ

NewZealandIQ.com - New Zealand IQ


BermudaIQ.com - Bermuda IQ


CalgaryIQ.com - Calgary IQ

CanadaIQ.com - Canada IQ

QuebecIQ.com - Quebec IQ

VancouverIQ.com - Vancouver IQ


ArubaIQ.com - Aruba IQ

BahamasIQ.com - Bahamas IQ

BarbadosIQ.com - Barbados IQ

CaribbeanIQ.com - Caribbean IQ

CaymansIQ.com - Caymans IQ

CubaIQ.com - Cuba IQ

HavanaIQ.com - Havana IQ

JamaicaIQ.com - Jamaica IQ

PuertoRicoIQ.com - Puerto Rico IQ

Central and South America

ArgentinaIQ.com - Argentina IQ

BrazilIQ.com - Brazil IQ

BuenosAiresIQ.com - Buenos Aires IQ

CostaRicaIQ.com - Costa Rica IQ

PeruIQ.com - Peru IQ

RioIQ.com - Rio IQ


AmsterdamIQ.com - Amsterdam IQ

AthensIQ.com - Athens IQ

AustriaIQ.com - Austria IQ

BarcelonaIQ.com - Barcelona IQ

BelgiumIQ.com - Belgium IQ

BerlinIQ.com - Berlin IQ

BrusselsIQ.com - Brussels IQ

BucharestIQ.com - Bucharest IQ

BudapestIQ.com - Budapest IQ

DenmarkIQ.com - Denmark IQ

DublinIQ.com - Dublin IQ

EnglandIQ.com - England IQ

EuropeIQ.com - Europe IQ - This will be a large site that profiles all of Europe.

FinlandIQ.com - Finland IQ

FlorenceIQ.com - Florence IQ

FranceIQ.com - France IQ

FrankfurtIQ.com - Frankfurt IQ

GermanyIQ.com - Germany IQ

GlasgowIQ.com - Glasgow IQ

GreeceIQ.com - Greece IQ

HamburgIQ.com - Hamburg IQ

IbizaIQ.com - Ibiza IQ

IrelandIQ.com - Ireland IQ

ItalyIQ.com - Italy IQ

LisbonIQ.com - Lisbon IQ

MadridIQ.com - Madrid IQ

MonacoIQ.com - Monaco IQ

MoscowIQ.com - Moscow IQ

MunichIQ.com - Munich IQ

NaplesIQ.com - Naples IQ

NetherlandsIQ.com - Netherlands IQ

NorwayIQ.com - Norway IQ

ParisIQ.com - Paris IQ

PortugalIQ.com - Portugal IQ

PragueIQ.com - Prague IQ

RivieraIQ.com - Riviera IQ.

RomaniaIQ.com - Romania IQ

Romebot.com - In this take on the term Robot the Romebot will guide you through Rome and all of Italy.

RomeIQ.com - Rome IQ

RussiaIQ.com - Russia IQ

ScotlandIQ.com - Scotland IQ

SpainIQ.com - Spain IQ

StockholmIQ.com - Stockholm IQ

SwedenIQ.com - Sweden IQ

SwitzerlandIQ.com - Switzerland IQ

VeniceIQ.com - Venice IQ

ViennaIQ.com - Vienna IQ

ZurichIQ.com - Zurich IQ


MexicoIQ.com - Mexico IQ


PalauIQ.com - Palau IQ

Travel Reservation Sites

 The dotcom brands listed in this section will become travel reservation sites.

Asdro.com - Flight and hotel reservations.

Cruisecation.com - Cruise/Vacation word fusion.

CruiseChip.com - In this take on the term cruise ship Chip (male robot) will guide you to the best cruises in the world.

DepartureIQ.com - Departure IQ. Smart flight, hotel, and cruise reservations. This site will link with ReservationIQ.com (restaurant reservations) listed below for cross-promotional purposes.

InternetofWings.com - A take on the term "Internet of Things". Flight reservations.

PhirstClass.com - A take on the term "First Class". Flights, hotels, cruises, and car reservations.

ReservationIQ.com - Reservation IQ. Smart restaurant reservations. This site will share a link with DepartureIQ.com listed above for cross-promotional purposes.

Vehibot.com - Vehicle reservations.

WingTut.com - Wing Tut will be the "Pharaoh of Travel". A robotic version of King Tut (Wing Tut) will host this site.

Travel Goods

GalleriaIQ.com - Galleria IQ will be used to sell various travel related goods that include luggage, swimwear, eyewear, winter garb, laptops, tablets, phones, camcorders, watches, books, ebooks, magazines, night masks, travel pillows, and all other travel accessories. This sales site will add a further layer of monetization to all sites associated with JauntIQ.com.


  The travel information sites listed above will profile all of the cities, countries, museums, beaches, natural wonders, camp grounds, fishing spots, polo grounds, golf courses, surf spots, amusement parks, ski resorts, restaurants, nightlife, and other attractions associated with the locations a particular site represents.

 The travel reservation and goods sales sites will be used to monetize the travel information sites. The branding associated with these future travel reservation and goods sites will be second to none.